Global Talent Development

Assessment and Development of International Personnel    

Tucker International expatriate candidate assessment and development. Tucker International provides international assignment assessment and personnel development through the use of validated assessments and customized intercultural training and consulting.

We have provided assessments and conducted intercultural training programs for thousands of expatriates and their families preparing for international assignments all over the world.

Tucker International’s assessments are highly reliable instruments, based on almost 50 years of continuing research, that assess intercultural competencies required for success on an international assignment. Our coaches utilize these tools to help individuals recognize and develop their individual competencies.

They are the only instruments available that have been validated according to a longitudinal, external criterion method (prediction of intercultural adjustment over time). They are used for candidate selection, and for feedback and development of potential expatriates.

Our participants receive the unique and powerful benefit of integrating their individual TAP Assessment results into their intercultural training programs.  

Tucker International views the international positioning of employees as a process.  From the time when an employee takes on an international position to when they repatriate back to their home country, Tucker International has the tools to help them succeed.

  • TAP® Tucker Assessment Profile
    An assessment instrument and developmental coaching process measuring motivations, expectations and fourteen competencies required for successful intercultural adjustment.
  • Intercultural Training
    Highly customized intercultural and language training for expatriates world-wide.  Individual assessments are integrated into programs to provide focused developmental opportunities.
  • Repatriation Assistance
    Our re-entry training programs and Repatriation Planning Guide helps to support expatriates with the often difficult adjustment to returning to live and work in their home countries.

A consultative approach is used with clients to apply these services in very flexible ways since each client organization has very different needs and circumstances.