Horizontal and Vertical: Meeting the Global Talent Challenge

Introducing our new book,
Horizontal and Vertical: Meeting the Global Talent Challenge.

Proven strategies for identifying and developing global leaders.

  • Is your company looking for a way to identify and develop intercultural competencies?
  • Are you looking for a proven, research based way to develop global leaders?
  • What competencies do high-potential emerging global leaders need to have?

Our book, Horizontal and Vertical: Meeting the Global Talent Challenge answers these questions and more. This book is designed for all those who are engaged in global business leadership and its development. This includes incumbent leaders, emerging leadership talent, human resource managers engaged in leadership development programs and researchers who study this area. This book presents a new model which addresses the need for more effective global leadership and new leadership development programs.

Here’s what people are saying about this book:

“This book presents a refreshing new way to better develop global leaders and one which is brought to life through sharing real stories and examples. The combination of “horizontal” measurement and deep “vertical” behavior change takes leadership development to a new level of depth and effectiveness. It’s a must read for those responsible for the development of talent who can lead across borders.”      –Shari Fryer President Shari Fryer & Associates 

“This is a must read for those that are in position to hire, evaluate and to lead teams, especially in a global market.”Horizontal and Vertical: Meeting the Global Talent Challenge” is an outstanding read to fully understand the nuances and tendencies that are a must have for business leadership development. This book comes at a time where the need for effective business leaders, who are in charge of international hiring, are giving the tools to be more in-tune with different cultures and be able to access the level of success within each international project they are assigned to. Clear and concise, the Nine Intercultural Competencies outlined within, are the perfect Blue Print for mapping out success, across all disciplines.”      –David Young, President, Young West Consulting.

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